Amazing Facts You Definitely Need To Know About Old Monk

Old Monk is definitely the first love of your life. Right? Let’s have a look at few facts on old monk which you should know:

1) Old Monk was first brewed in the hills by an actual monk because living in a monastery is so boring, if you understand. Well! Why would you? What difference does the history make? PS: Old Monk was made 158 years ago by Edward Dyer in Kasauli, Himachal and he was NOT A monk.


2) The large Old Monk bottle has a genius design. It has the exact shape you’ll turn into if you don’t stop drinking. But when the price is so cheap, who told you to stop? It’s the third most selling rum in the world. It’s time to celebrate, drink more and more.


3) It’s not just the Rum but a revolution! Within the century Old Monk became the leading Rum, not just in India but across the whole world! Today, it has an empire worth Rs 400 Crores. The Monk is growing richer.


4) Old Monk was ranked 5th among the Indian Alcohol Brands in the Impact International’s list of Top 11 retail Value Brands. It was biggest Indian made liquor brand in the world until very recently when it lost it’s position to McDowell’s No. 1 Celebration Rum.


5) It’s good will never got retired and may be this is the reason old monk has also received several gold medals at the Monde World Selections 1982.


6) Our dear Old Monk has sequels too: old monk gold reserve, old monk supreme, old monk legend, wow! So many reasons to celebrate.


7) Not many people know but old monk is our medicine as well. Just 2 spoons with hot water and you relief yourself from cold. Great! Right?


8) Wow! It’s cheap Man.


9) Old Monk is the drink of the people, from Bus conductors to Pilots, everyone enjoys it. Even Pirates love it.


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