The Restaurant Owner Of Nooshe Joon, Delhi Speaks About NJ’s Unique Persian Cuisine

“/zendegi bi mæna:st ægær nætæva:ni khosh ha:l zendegi koni”

Translating Persian to English: “There is no point in living if you cannot live happy.”

We all know the ultimate happiness comes in when our taste buds feel some delicious flavor. In search of such savors we try different cuisines which offer us a pleasing experience and a tasty meal. In a country like India where we love our food and restauranteurs keep upping the game in the culinary arena, it is difficult to decide which restaurant has the better taste.

I recently interviewed the restaurant owner of the only Persian restaurant in Delhi, Nooshe Joon,Tarannum Narula. It was interesting to know that what was the idea behind the restaurant and how risky it was to introduce a cuisine which never existed in Delhi. Here is the fascinating chat with Tarannum:

“Tell me something about yourself”

Tarannum: “I am a Sardarni born and brought up in Iran and was there for 17 years. I went to an Indian school in Iran and later came back to New Delhi. I was also a Radio jockey in Dubai for sometime and got married at the age of 22.  I have worked for a DD sports channel and later became a maths teacher in Sriram school. It’s been 18 years since I have shifted to India and I miss the Iranian culture, Iranian food here.”

“What gave you the idea to start with Nooshe joon?”

Tarannum: “We really missed the Iranian food here in India, that should be the biggest reason. My dad has been in Iran for 50 years and barbeque was his specialty and passion too. He comes for a visit here every summer and this time when he came I got hold of him. I wanted to introduce my food, my culture. We started with the Grub fest in Delhi. We set up a stall and witnessed remarkable results, people just loved our food. And this is how we got confident. We then started with the catering business first and went ahead to set up a restaurant. Initially my father took over the cooking part because he is very well versed with the taste of kebab and saffron. Later, the cooks were trained under his presence so that the taste is maintained.

And about setting up the restaurant, my brother owns cafe Hera Pheri in Satya niketan so he had the idea about the hospitality industry. So, I’d say that it was not the involvement of one person, the entire family got involved and with each others support we went ahead with a great speed.”


Tarannum serving the guests at the Grub Fest

“There is no Persian restaurant in Delhi, wasn’t it risky for you to introduce a cuisine which is not known?”

Tarannum: “Not really, when I went to Iran 2 years back I was determined to take this taste to India. When we did grub fest we became confident of what people like and what they don’t. With continuous great reviews we decided to go ahead. Iranians in Delhi have literally thanked us for opening up Nooshe Joon because even they missed it.”

“You have amazing online reviews, what do you think makes you so popular?”

Tarannum: “Firstly I would like to mention that we have never paid anybody, any blogger or a startup to write about us. They just found us like you did. They genuinely thought that the food was good and new to them. They love the taste of our dishes and so they write about us.”

“What different kind of guests you meet everyday?”

Tarannum: “We have something really famous in our menu, that’s Kebab and rice. Initially the combination was found to be weird. But luckily the guests we had till date were all foodies and were ready to try all different kind of dishes. Also, we have a lot of repeat customers which is again a great achievement so thank you all for supporting us.”


A review on zomato

“We read a lot of blogs where guests review a restaurant. Do you have some feedback for your guests?”

Tarannum: “I just want to thank my guests for being welcoming, and appreciative. They are super nice and it keeps us moving.”

“Almost all the online reviews on Nooshe Joon talk about the juicy kebabs and evil eyes drown. So tell us more about it.”

Tarannum: “Evil eyes drown is a very popular drink in Iran, every other shop has it. It is made of rose water, no cream, no milk, nothing heavy and the seeds mixed with it are very healthy. In Iran it’s the best drink for summers and I had to bring it in India. Talking about the kebabs, yes, Persian kebabs are really juicy and tasty. The essence of saffron and other ingredients makes it more delicious. Not to forget mentioning that most of the ingredients we use to prepare our dishes is imported from Iran.”


Evil eyes drown


Kebabs mezze platter

“While building the restaurant what efforts did you put in to improve the dining experience?”

Tarannum: “Iranian food is all about involving senses, be it the taste sense or the interior sense. All the elements, even the decorating material is imported from Iran. We have the open barbeque on the side of the counter because we want our guests to see that we don’t keep our food half cooked, it is prepared fresh from the very first step. We want our customers to develop a relationship with the food while it’s being cooked. For that we have to create an aroma which keeps our guests connected with us. We play Persian music too.”

“What do you think is the most important thing to open up a restaurant?”

Tarannum: “I think it is to be passionate about hospitality. It’s not about doing things halfheartedly, not about profits. It’s about passion. I was passionate to introduce Iranian culture here.”

“What do you think makes your restaurant unique?”

Tarannum: “It’s definitely the Persian cuisine and also because it’s a family run restaurant.”

“You have a menu with limited dishes. Why is that so?”

Tarannum: “We don’t believe in long menu, we believe in simple, not so confusing menu. But yes, we are planning to add more types of kebab to it.”

And here we ended our chat. Nooshe Joon has a beautiful meaning too, “May this food nourish your soul.”

It was really fascinating to know the insights of the cuisine which is new to Delhi. All I’d say, Nooshe Joon is definitely delicious and I am sure it won’t keep you away for long. So, do visit the place soon.

Here’s a short message from Tarannum, the restaurant owner of Nooshe Joon for the amazing guests. 😀

Also the co owner of Nooshe Joon and the owner of cafe Hera Pheri, Daanesh Singh Anand has a message for you guys.

Daanesh: “I am extremely grateful to all those who have appreciated and supported my ventures. My source of happiness is to see my well wishers and guests completely satisfied and satiated. And I hope to see everyone at our upcoming stall at the Grub fest and Palate fest.”

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